Monday, November 20, 2006

Baby Buzz-Cut

Both of my kids have hair 'issues'.

My daughter (4) had hardly any of it for about 18-24 months of her life and when more started to grow in, it stayed very fine, fly-away and medium blonde. Then it morphed into this arrangement of being relatively straight on the top and curly towards the bottom - kind of a Bozo-the-clown effect. It's never grown more than an inch lower than her ear, regardless of how often it is trimmed or not trimmed. I see most of her little friends with beautiful long, thick hair or cute short-style cuts and I tell you it pains me to see what we have going over here in the hair department (yeah, I'm being a little dramatic!). Anyway, hers looks ratty with very little effort.

My son (2) has great hair - straight as can be; gorgeous black. The problem with him is not his hair - its that people don't cut it properly. They tell me they're gonna use the clippers, which is apparently much easier than a scissor cut - and then I know what it's ultimately going to end-up looking like: Buzz cut. Yeah, that style is undoubtedly easy, low-maintenance and cool (for summer months) - - but when it grows out just a little he looks like a fuzzy duckling. I'm just not really a fan - it's not the cutest, most flattering look for a little boy, in my mind. Bangs are another issue - too short and they stick out like a visor. Too long and it just looks cheesy (and is VERY difficult to cut them straight). Where are all the people who know how to do a regular ol' cute little boy cut (tapered around the ears and neckline) with bangs that aren't completely blunt-cut? Or some kind of a messy-topped crew-cut? That would look so cute on him!

I'm just stressing about this because we have a family wedding coming up (soon!) and both kiddos are in the wedding...of course I want them to look fantastic. They'll be stunningly gorgeous no matter what, but superb haircuts to go with all the other formality would be great! So I'm off on a mission this week...


At 5:46 PM , Blogger Kahlan said...

Come visit me! We go to a fantastic place to get Pookie's hair cut.

At 12:53 PM , Blogger Laurie said...

Ah.. the hair dilemma.
My daughter has two crowns. Her hair grows in two completely different directions (no kidding). When she was a baby (and it was short) it looked like a mohawk pointing downward toward her forehead. Now that it's long it looks great :)
Good luck with this! Maybe some gel for your little fellow?


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